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Are you looking for best detective agency in Bangalore that would provide reliable information and will help you solve your dilemma with matrimonial investigation, corporate enquiry, or to hire private detectives who will confidentially look into the matter and provide you in-depth report? If so, then you are in the right place, our detective agency is proficient in solving cases, providing information, accurate report and thorough investigation into any case or a person as per your requirements as our private detectives are highly professional with years of expertise.

Our detective agency is known to provide best results with target oriented focus on the case as we have a good standing with our clients. Our award winning agency is best known to provide corporate detective services, matrimonial detective, private detectives and any investigative reporting to the client as per their needs.

All the information and transactions are kept highly confidential between our agency and our client making us one of the most reliable detective agencies in Bangalore. With our focus driven approach we ensure that our client gets all the information on any person or on any significant matter of their concern.

We provide top notch performance that helps our client get to the root of any matter of their concern, it is our own personalized approach in investigating the matter that has helped us establish a reputable relationship with our clients. We have a proven track record for providing flawless investigation in matrimonial cases, corporate cases, private investigation and even post marriage investigation in Bangalore.

So, look no further, just search for our detective agency in Bangalore or detective agency near me and locate us as we ensure that your case is taken care of in the rightful manner through our systematic approach that ensures successful outcome to your case.




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What is Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore known for?

Our award winning detective agency in Bangalore is a top notch detective agency that is known to provide successful outcome to any case given to us. With a team of highly experienced detectives, we ensure that the case is handled with utmost precision.

Besides, the other hallmark features of our services include the following:

Value for money- Our detective agency in Bangalore provides in-depth investigation at competitive pricing. Accurate reports- After a thorough investigation we prepare an accurate report and hand over the details of the case to the client for their reference. Transparency- We ensure that our professional work-relationship with the client is transparent and we keep our client updated with latest details on the case. Result oriented- We ensure that the case we work on would fetch desired results as per the need of our clients. Tailor made- Our investigation is as per client needs, we provide corporate detective, matrimonial detective and private detectives as and when required by our client. Focused approach- We ensure that our client would never feel derailment from the plan as our focused approach towards any case we handle receives utmost attention. Detail oriented- We ensure that all the details related to the case are furnished to our client whether small or big, as each piece of information is vital to our client and so is our detail oriented approach.

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Personal Investigation Services

We provide thorough personal investigation regarding any individual you would like to have details on. Our experts are capable of handling it with utmost confidentiality.

Corporate Investigation Services

We provide thorough personal investigation regarding any individual you would like to have details on. Our experts are capable of handling it with utmost confidentiality.

Matrimonial Investigation

We provide complete details regarding bride or groom as per the requirement and ensure that all the information is handed over as asked by the client.

Screening Services

We use various tools like advance software and devices for investigating any issue of vital concern that ensures accuracy and perfection.

Forensic Services

Our services includes investigating highly sensitive issues like deception, forgery, extortion, hoax, scam and blackmail to ease off the burden of our client and resolve their vital issues.

Cybercrime Investigation

Our expertise in cybercrime ensures that we handle the sensitive issue bothering you with relative precision and ease off the cybercrime issue they are facing by providing a secure solution.

Why are we famous?

Our top notch and award winning detective agency is Bangalore is registered with the Government of India.

Known to provide 100% accurate result oriented services to our clients in any issue no matter how complicated the matter is whether it is personal investigation related to matrimony or a corporate enquiry we have a good repute amongst our existing clientele of high standing in Bangalore.

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Best Detective Agency in Bangalore, India providing you detailed information

We are a reputable detective agency known to provide proven track record in private investigation and leading in security solutions of all kinds in Bangalore. We bestow detective services of top notch to our high clientele in Bangalore helping them resolve issues that entail privacy, security of information and in-depth investigation as required by our client whether for personal or corporate cases.

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Are you looking for dedicated and authentic detective services in Bangalore, India? Then look no further and get in touch with us, for a Free 30-minute consultation

We offer you a free consultation for case discussion as you explain what you require from our expert detectives, there are no hidden charges and we ensure full transparency in the matter. Discuss the details of your case with our experts who proficiently handle each case with thorough analysis and ensure detailed information reaches you at the right time.

Our undivided attention to our client and focused approach with considerable attention to details ensures that you are free to express yourself in a non-judgmental environment provided by us. All your queries regarding our team and our services will be answered by us and we ensure that we will provide you the best advice after listening to your case and understanding the issue you are facing.

Our skillful and highly trained private investigators comprise of both the genders that are proficient in providing investigation to domestic as well as international cases.

A well strategized approach towards the case at hand with the issuance of a case manager to your case ensures that you receive timely updates and clarity regarding your case.

Confidentiality and transparency are the pillars on which we built our Detective agency that ensures that our professional relationship with our client comes with full disclosure with all the nitty-gritty of the case involved at all the stages.

It has been 25 years since the inception of our company in investigation services, we are standing in good stead with our clients building upon our reputable image with full client faith on us. Since the beginning, we are known to provide immaculate detective services to our clients and successfully driving each case to its conclusion. Knowing the importance of maintaining client confidentiality, we ensure that no details regarding the case shall ever breach the confidentiality agreement between us and the client.

We never compromise on quality and services; these are the essentials of our deliverables when it comes to serving our clients with the best regarding investigation of a given case.

For us each case is unique and each client should be dealt with a different approach, the one that shall be tailor made to suite the need of the client and render best of detective services from our end.

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Private Detective Services

Having doubts about your potential groom or bride?

Looking to investigate into a cheating partner?

Suspect that your partner is not being honest with you?

Having doubts regarding their actions and words in your relationship?

If yes, then look no further, we are a team of highly qualified and trained professionals working on complex cases ever since the inception of our company. Our agency is known in Bangalore to provide with detailed information with utmost client confidentiality and secure services that leave no stone unturned in matter of private interest.

With our brilliant track record in detective services provided in Bangalore, our clients find us a reliable source of information and investigative services. We ensure that we provide with all the information required when it comes to personal investigation whether it is the financial standing of the perspective groom, or education, social/ marital status and even background checks, we also provide information on current insurance status of the individual in question. Our experts are readily available for any investigation through application of various investigative tactics like undercover/ sting operations, enquiry on divorce cases, providing missing person information and even daily details on any individual our client is seeking investigation on.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Providing details of your asking on your potential partner to help you choose the right course of action in matrimonial matter is where our expertise are vested.

Divorce Case Investigation

Our detectives provide details regarding divorce case and help gather all the information required.

Missing Person Investigation

We ensure that all the information is provided even the smallest detail that may be vital to resolving such issues.

Undercover Operations

Our detective agency works undercover to provide all the details easily to our clients.

Sting Operations

Our detective investigation in sting operations is high as we approach the matter with 360 degree focused approach with latest technology involved in investigating the matter at hand to provide a successful outcome.

Static Watch

Our experts are always on their heels when it comes to physical monitoring without missing on any detail.

Corporate Detective Services

Our detective agency at Bangalore provides corporate detective services with all the required details as asked by our clients. Whether it is the financial reports, their current activities (ethical/ unethical) information on the directors of a company, their market reputation, their current corporate status, or the turnover, anything that would ensure your security and satisfaction, we are readily providing it through our investigation.

Pre-Employment Investigation

We thoroughly investigate background check and referral check on any potential employee you are willing to hire to ensure you hire a perfect candidate for your company.

Asset Verification

We ensure a complete verification of a person or a company’s asset providing you with all the information in the matter with cost-effective pricing.

Due Diligence

Our expertise in digging out every scrap of information through our spherical approach and advance tools ensure that due diligence is carried out with best measure.

Post-Employment Investigation

Finding out what your x employee is up to and providing you with all the details of their routine activities, our professional investigation is always readily available.

Bug Sweeps

Our highly trained team is good at detecting physical, visual and electronic bugs in your property whether commercial or private to your full privacy and for your satisfaction / security.

Insurance & Fraud Investigation

Resolving financial fraud cases is our forte, and we ensure that we provide all the details related to fraud or help you overcome one and resolve issues related to insurance.

Confidentiality Assurance

We are known to maintain client confidentiality as we know the matter of concern is highly significant to the case and to our client. Our investigation entails maintaining utmost privacy and ensure that the identity and the information is kept as closed as possible between both of us for all times included.

Insurance & Fraud Investigation
Discrete & Confidential

100% Target Oriented

Our approach to any case is that of focused and target oriented approach that ensures successful outcome of any investigation we are handling as we put in best investigative practices along with best tools.

Transparent Pricing


We maintain transparency in our investigation with our client without an iota or doubt providing all the information as we get and as we proceed without investigation. Additionally, we never indulge in any underhanded means or covert intentions keeping it all simple and as transparent as possible.

Result Driven Approach

Cost Effectiveness

Providing competitive pricing to our clients that are affordable we never play out client with any hidden charges. All the cost and pricing regarding our investigation services is revealed with details to our clients with complete clarity from the beginning.

Are You Ready To Have A Confidential Discussion ?

FAQ's About our Private Detective Services

1. What kind of investigation services do you provide?
We provide Private, Corporate, Matrimonial, Cybercrime and Forensic investigation and services to our clients.

2. Do you ensure the details I discuss with you are kept a secret?
We ensure complete client privacy and security of all the information shared with us, we keep it all a secret.

3. Do you charge upfront for case discussion on the first meeting?
No, we provide free case discussion to our client without any upfront fee; you can discuss the details of your case with us.

4. Can I hire you for a private investigation on a person?
We provide private investigation on any case assigned to us regarding information on an individual of your asking. Through our personal monitoring process we ensure all the details are furnished to our client.

5. Do you investigate for marital purpose also?
We provide pre- marital and post-marital investigation services, whichever is your need we fulfill it in our investigative services.

6. Do you handle cybercrime and fraud cases?
Our team of experts are well trained to investigate cybercrime and handle fraud cases, we do our best to help you with all the enquiry and overcome all the odds related to the case.

7. How do I know that I can rely upon your agency?
We have a reputable standing of 25 years in the investigative services, our reputation precedes our high clientele boasting of our immaculate detective services.

8. How do I know that I can reach your agency for investigation in the city I live in?
We are located in all the major cities and you can easily contact us for a location near you within your city.

9. Will my case be on priority if I hire your services?
We ensure that we provide focused and target oriented approach towards each client and case, we assign a case manager to your case to handle the details of the case.

10. What kind of pricing can I expect for case investigation?
We provide cost-effective pricing without any hidden charges. We ensure all the clarity and transparency regarding the pricing is provided to our client.

11. Do you provide employee investigation?
We provide background checks, referral checks and even x employee investigation services to our clients and corporates as required.

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